the dde_linux26 link error

Bjoern Doebel doebel at
Mon Jul 27 07:48:20 CEST 2009

Hi Cheng,

> 	i write a device driver for L4 with DDE but when i compile the server and 
> client code it can't link into the lib dde_linux26 with the error like this:
> 	ld: cannot find -ldde_linux26
> 	I check the files in the libdde* and there are only these files:
> 	libddekit.a  libdde_linux26_block.a  libdde_linux26_net.a  libdde_linux26.o.a  
> libdde_linux26_sound.a
> 	No libdde_linux26.a but libdde_linux26.o.a instead.

So, then try linking with -ldde_linux26.o ;)

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