compiling Fiasco trunk, Bison trouble

Roman Beslik rabforum at
Wed Jul 29 09:58:38 CEST 2009

Thanks, though I already fixed those errors. Need to replace "{% ... }%" 
with "%code ...". I also fixed some minor errors in other parts of 
Fiasco's trunk source code, but did not dare to run Fiasco after 
compilation. Here is a list of files that contain errors:
$ svn status
M       l4/pkg/dietlibc/lib/contrib/dietlibc/include/stdarg.h
M       l4/pkg/dde/fbsd/lib/include/bsd/contrib/i386/include/stdarg.h
M       l4/pkg/bootstrap/server/src/ARCH-amd64/libc32/include/stdarg.h
M       l4/pkg/roottask/server/src/trampoline.c
?       l4/doc/dev-overview/_Makefile
!       l4/doc/dev-overview/Makefile
M       kernel/fiasco/src/kern/
M       dice/configure
M       dice/
M       dice/src/parser/c-c++/c-parser.yy
M       dice/src/parser/idl/idl-parser.yy

Adam Lackorzynski wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue Jul 14, 2009 at 09:04:46 +0300, Roman Beslik wrote:
>> It seems that tudos/dice/src/fe/*.h files is not included with
>> "#include" in tudos/dice/src/parser/idl/, because
>> when I include them by hand, "g++ ..." works out without an error.
>>> yacc --version
>> bison (GNU Bison) 2.4.1
> it's the bison version which is a bit too recent for the source files. I
> don't know how easy the fix would be...
> Adam

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