can server side get the thread id of client side?

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hi all,

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> Hi,
> > I know that the client side can get the server's thread_id throw name
> > service. I want to ask can the server side get the client's task_id or
> > thread_id?
> > or must the client side send the thread_id to server?
> your server will call either l4_ipc_wait() or l4_ipc_reply_and_wait() in
> order to receive the message from the client. In both cases there is a
> src parameter which will contain the client's thread ID after the system
> call returns.
sorry for not explaining it clearly.
if I defined two functions in idl file, just like:
interface test{
int open(int fd, int flags);
int close(fd);

 and I implement them in the server side.
I know that when I use open()/close() in the client side, the server will
call the function open_component()/close_component() which are in the server

In the open_component()/close_component() function I want to get thread id
of the caller to do some operation flag.but as we know, when we call
open()/close() in client side, the open_component()/close_component()
function in server side will be executed. so we can not use l4_ipc_wait() or
l4_ipc_reply_and_wait() function in the open_component()/close_component()
function, or it will be stop and wait for a message in the function. So in
order to get the thread id in the open_component()/close_component(), when
or where should I use the l4_ipc_wait() or l4_ipc_reply and wait()  to get
the thread id?

thank you!

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