page fault:no entry in region list

fang zhengshu fangzhsh07 at
Tue Sep 8 14:03:16 CEST 2009

hi all,
I have write a simple example in the server side:

struct node{
l4_threadid_t sender;
unsigned short flags;
struct node* next;

typedef struct node{
char buffer[4096];
}FF, *PFF;

int sender_is_in_queue(PFF ff, l4_threadid_t sender)
p = ff->head;
while(p != NULL && !thread_equal(p->sender, sender))
 p = p->next;
if (p == NULL) return -1;
else return 0;

there not error when I compile the server source file, but when I run them:

__handle_pf(): L4RM: page fault: no entry in region list

 I use objdump  command to find the error and find it was in the place:

 p = ff->head;

could someone give me some advice?

thank you and bestwishes!
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