The errors i tried to map iomem to virtual memory

Guanghui, Cheng at
Tue Nov 3 16:37:12 CET 2009

	I tried to map the hpet iomem to the virtual memory but i got some error. The 
log is as following:
vtimer  | rmgr_pager 4:0
vtimer  | hpet_address 0xfed00000
vtimer  | hpet size 0x400000
vtimer  | hpet_virt_address 0x400000
ROOT: Cannot map page at fed00000 log2_size=12 failed
vtimer  | IOMem mapping error : No fpage received
vtimer  | __handle_pf(): L4RM: page fault: no entry in region list
vtimer  | L4RM: [PF] read at 0x00400000, ip 0100024e, src 8.02
	It seems that when I map the iomem the pagesize is not permitted but 
superpagesize is ok.  But i still get the error as "No fpage received". Does 
anybody tell me what the problem is?
					Cheng Guanghui
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