The errors i tried to map iomem to virtual memory

Andre Puschmann andre.puschmann at
Fri Nov 6 11:28:46 CET 2009


Guanghui, Cheng wrote:
> Now i fixed l4io a little and add the hpet device after the tpm device
> in the l4io/server/src/static_cfg_x86.c and now i could map the hpet 
> device
> into the virtual device. I could read/write the hpet device directly. 
> This is
> a important progress for vtimer server implementation. If i make more i
> could report to you.
Just out of curiosity, is vtimer a special component related to your
work or is it a general step towards a (working) general-purpose timer
service in DROPS (which would be very nice)?


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