Call for participation to the Alt-OS devroom at FOSDEM (Extended deadline)

François Revol revol at
Sat Jan 2 22:48:34 CET 2010


This year, the FOSDEM (in Brussels, 6-7th February 2010) will host the
"Alt-OS" devroom on sunday from 9:00 to 17:00.

This devroom is meant as a place for Free and OpenSource Alternative
Operating System projects to share ideas and work on topics like:

    * distinguishing design and features,
    * device drivers and how to share them,
    * sharing code for internal components,
    * internal usage of other FOSS projects to build upon,
    * application portability,
    * interoperability,
          o file formats,
          o extended attributes... 

We are very interested to hear about your project on all those aspects, 
and of course we'd be happy to help you set up a hacking session or 
other form of gathering eventually, depending on the schedule.

See the complete call for participation.

The deadline for the propositions for the Alt-OS devroom at FOSDEM has 
been extended to 2010-01-05, to allow at least one talk per project.
The shedule must be sent rapidly to the FOSDEM team so we can't stretch 
it much more.


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