DDE Linux26 in the Hurd

Björn Döbel doebel at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Wed Jan 27 14:54:29 CET 2010

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>> The L4IO server scans all PCI devices at startup. DDE applications use
>> l4io_pci_find_device() to iterate over all the devices and assign them a
>> local/logical PCI ID. So, yes, for a DDE application it always looks
>> like there is only one PCI bus (bus 0) with a continuous range of devices.
> You mean all devices in the system are in one logical bus, which can have at
> most 256*32 devices? It's a little odd, but should work fine.
> The current code of ddekit and dde linux26 obviously can only work in a system
> with one bus as the maximal number of pci devices in ddekit is 32.

Yes, there is a physical limitation with the current approach. Our more
recent ideas however go more into a direction where a physical IO
manager provides applications with pre-configured virtual PCI buses, so
that we did not really hit this limitation yet, because we provide for
instance the NIC driver with a virtual PCI bus that only contains the NIC.

> I would like to know how well the current release of dde linux26 can support
> block devices and character devices as I want to try some devices other than
> NIC. For example, does it support SCSI disks?

Not yet.

> I see the USB package. Maybe I can try that since the Hurd doesn't have USB
> drivers yet.

Sure, good luck. ;)

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