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Marcus Voelp voelp at
Fri Jan 29 09:37:46 CET 2010


sarita kale wrote:
> I have to select one of the micro-kernels for further development. I
> need answers to following questions to go forward:
> - What are the limitations/advantages of Fiasco, L4Ka: Pistachio and OKL4.
In a nutshell, OKL4 is a commercially suppored derivative of
L4Ka:Pistachio, Fiasco and Pistachio are both research kernels. For
application developers the feature sets of these kernels and of the Nova
Microhypervisor differ only at a very detailled level. The low-level OS
layers (e.g., L4RE for Fiasco) typically abstract from most kernel
details. This leads to the answer of your next question:
> Which one should I select?
It depends on what you want to do with this kernel.

As a small guidance:
  - Real-Time:         Fiasco / Jan's version of Pistachio
  - Virtualization:   Fiasco, Pistachio, Nova, (OKL4?)
  - Verification:      seL4
  - Product:            OKL4 or P4 (from sysgo)

> - Is Fiasco still alive? When I visit Fiasco
> site, last updated date is 26 Sep
> 2005 *Fiasco 1.2 released!* Do we have further releases or is it stopped?
Yes, although the webpage has become a little outdated. We are currently
preparing a release of our new Fiasco version which will also include
capabilities, kernel memory management and full virtualization support.
> - Does anyone have performance figures of Fiasco, L4Ka: Pistachio and
> OKL4, based on which i can decide which micro-kernel to go for?
Since you are asking about virtualization below, please have a look at:
> - Does L4Linux work on OkL4, I read L4Linux runs of L4Ka: Pistachio,
> will it run as it is or we need to make some changes to it?
You didn't ask that but L4Linux runs on L4RE on Fiasco

    Best regards


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