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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Fri Jan 29 10:05:46 CET 2010

Hello Sarita,

> I have to select one of the micro-kernels for further development. I
> need answers to following questions to go forward:
> - What are the limitations/advantages of Fiasco, L4Ka: Pistachio and
> OKL4. Which one should I select?
> - Is Fiasco still alive? When I visit Fiasco
> site, last updated date is 26 Sep
> 2005 *Fiasco 1.2 released!* Do we have further releases or is it stopped?
> - Does anyone have performance figures of Fiasco, L4Ka: Pistachio and
> OKL4, based on which i can decide which micro-kernel to go for?
> - Does L4Linux work on OkL4, I read L4Linux runs of L4Ka: Pistachio,
> will it run as it is or we need to make some changes to it?

if you are interested in L4 but don't want to make your development
depend on one particular kernel implementation, the Genode OS Framework
may be of help. This is a user-land infrastructure that works on all
those kernels and also on Linux. It enables you to develop a microkernel
application once and port it to another kernel by a simple recompile.
The project website is:

The project is actively maintained and plans to broaden the number of
supported base platforms even beyond the already supported kernels. To
see what is possible now, you can take a look at the release notes from
the last version released in November 2009 or try out the last live CD
released in September:


Norman Feske
Genode Labs

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