Fiasco reserved memory area overlapping with bootloader area

Christian Prochaska christian.prochaska at
Fri Feb 12 08:20:38 CET 2010


I recently had the problem that a physical memory area reserved for 
Fiasco overlapped with a Bootloader area, resulting in one or possibly 
more corrupted boot modules. Apparently there was not enough physical 
memory available, but i would suggest that in this case Fiasco would 
print an error message and stop as soon as it knows about the overlap 
instead of further executing the corrupted modules.


[src] (17.00) jdb: kf
KIP @ 0xf0001000
magic: L4�K  version: 0x87004444
clock: 0000000000623d7c (6438268)
freq_cpu: 2993136kHz
freq_bus: 0kHz
sigma0_ip: 00103de8 sigma0_sp: 002da720
sigma1_ip: 00000000 sigma1_sp: 00000000
root_ip:   010301dc root_sp:   00000000
Memory (max 30 descriptors):
  1:phys [0000000000000000-000000000009fc00] Conventional
  2:phys [0000000000100000-0000000003ff0000] Conventional
  3:phys [0000000000001000-0000000000065000] Reserved
  4:phys [000000000006a000-000000000006a400] Bootloader
  5:phys [000000000009fc00-00000000000a0000] Arch
  6:phys [00000000000e8000-0000000000100000] Arch
  7:phys [0000000000100000-0000000000108400] Dedicated
  8:phys [0000000001000000-0000000001065400] Bootloader
  9:phys [00000000020de000-0000000003cef800] Bootloader
 10:phys [0000000003ff0000-0000000004000000] Arch
 11:phys [00000000fffc0000-0000000000000000] Arch
 12:virt [0000000000000000-00000000c0000000] Conventional
 13:phys [0000000003ad2000-0000000003ff0000] Reserved
KIP syscalls via absolute stubs
  ipc:             eacff000
  id nearest:      eacff100
  fpage unmap:     eacff200
  thread switch:   eacff300
  thread schedule: eacff400
  lthread ex regs: eacff500
  task new:        eacff600
user_ptr: 0x6a000   vhw_offset: 00000000    vkey_irq:  17
Kernel features: multi_irq exception_ipc segments pagerexregs deceit_bit_disables_switch abiver:9 io_prot utcb kip_syscalls thread_names

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