Announcement: Genode 10.02 adds support for the NOVA hypervisor

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Wed Feb 24 11:19:18 CET 2010

The Genode project has released the new version 10.02 of the Genode
OS Framework. The framework is a modular user-level infrastructure
comprising device drivers, a GUI, networking support, a C library,
and Qt4. It can be executed directly on different microkernels, in
particular L4/Fiasco. Starting with the current release, we include
support for the recently released NOVA hypervisor into the official
Genode distribution. So there are now two kernels of the Dresden OS
group ready to use with the framework. For the technical details of
our porting effort, please refer to the release notes (see the link

Moreover, we added support for the Codezero kernel and introduced a
new concept for managing real-time priorities on the L4ka::Pistachio
and OKL4 kernels. The most significant new functionality is the
initial port of the Python 2.6.4 script interpreter.

Release-notes summary for version 10.02
* Platform support
  * NOVA hypervisor
  * Codezero kernel
* New thread-context management
* Real-time priorities
* Python scripting

You can find the complete release notes for the version 10.02 here:

The new release is available via the project's subversion repository
and at the Genode download page:

Norman Feske
Genode Labs ·

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