[ANNOUNCE] NOVA Microhypervisor 0.1 prerelease

Udo A. Steinberg udo at hypervisor.org
Mon Mar 8 20:18:59 CET 2010

On 8 Mar 2010 19:01:50 +0100 Marcel Winandy (MW) wrote:

MW> just out of curiosity: assuming I run a Linux VM on top of NOVA. NOVA
MW> runs obviously in ring 0. In which protection ring of the CPU will the
MW> Linux kernel be executed? Ring 1 or together with the userland apps in
MW> ring 3?

Neither in ring 1 nor in ring 3.

A CPU that supports VMX or SVM provides 4 host rings and 4 guest rings.
They are used as follows: host/ring0=NOVA microhypervisor, host/ring3=NOVA
user-level environment, guest/ring0=Linux kernel, guest/ring3=Linux apps.


	- Udo
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