Porting an MPI based appilcation on L4 feasible?

Bjoern Doebel doebel at tudos.org
Sat Apr 24 12:31:23 CEST 2010

Hi Karthik,

> I am new to L4 fiasco and microkernels in general. I could build the l4
> fiasco microkernel and run the 'hello' application on top of l4. I also
> could run the hiworld client server application on l4 based on the available
> tutorials. Currently I have a pingpong simulation application which uses MPI
> and Time Warp libraries. For my research I would like to run this
> application on l4. Is porting it to l4 feasible?

What you'd need for that is an MPI runtime (mpich / OpenMPI) based on L4. As the current release version of Fiasco is UP-only, you'd probably need to use some network-based messaging primitives (see e.g., the ORe network switch) to communicate between your nodes. You may also think in terms of using L4 threads and L4 IPC as basic primitives as future releases of Fiasco will come with MP support and thus you'll be able to use L4 IPC between cores as well.

This sounds like a worthwhile project and we'd appreciate any input from your side. :)

> I also found a pinpong application in '../kernel/fiasco/src/test/pingpong'.
> But building fiasco microkernel does not build it. How to build it? and run
> on top of l4?

>From a short look this looks like an artifact. There is an IPC pingpong in l4/pkg/pingpong though.


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