Problem in porting an application

Karthik Vadambacheri Manian karthikvm.uc at
Fri May 7 18:17:17 CEST 2010

Hi All,

Currently I am trying to port a pingpong c++ application which uses time
warped libraries. The time warped libraries use standard c++ library inturn.
I tried to compile the pingpong application by modifying the makefiles to
include the time warped headers. But I get lot of errors while compiling
because during compilation the uclibc++ header files are used instead of
standard c++ headers and they differ. Hence I tried to port the warped
library functions for uclibc++ but it seems it needs a huge modification. Do
modifying makefiles to use standard c++ header files instead of uclibc++
will break other systems? Please let me know your comments.

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