Problem in porting an application

Karthik Vadambacheri Manian karthikvm.uc at
Sun May 9 19:44:34 CEST 2010

Hi Adam,

My application uses Time Warped simulation library which uses standard c++
library. The time warped library uses a class called multimap which has a
default constructor in std c++ library while in uclibc++ there is no default
constructor. Hence to conform to uclibc++ I need to pass few arguments to
use the current constructor in uclibc++ but this screws up a bit. I can
modify multimap in uclibc++ with a default constructor but I am not sure
whether default constructor is omitted intentionally and has some side
effects. Also I need to do this change to all classes it is inheriting.
Thats why I thought is it possible to use std c++ library instead of
uclibc++. Can I know the version of std c++ library that is ported to
uclibc++? Thanks a lot for your comments.

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