The system call about Periodic task

Jungwoo Yang yjwoo14 at
Thu May 13 06:10:16 CEST 2010

I've found that this code is not wrong. The problem was from IPC control in thread-ipc.c

in sys-ipc() function, the kernel check whether the ipc is next_period() or not,  but the check function is wrong i think because the function returns always "FALSE".

That means that there is no next_period() ipc.

so I've changed the code in shared/entry_frame-ia32-ux.cpp line 110

return false;


return (_ecx == 0x04000400 && _esi == 0);

I'm not sure that this code does not affect to the other ipc. However it is executing quite well.

Jungwoo Yang.

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