l4vfs and stdin/stdout handles

Valery V. Sedletski _valerius at mail.ru
Sun Jun 20 12:08:52 CEST 2010

Hi all.

I am trying to make a test using l4vfs libc backends so the three predefined file descriptors 0, 1, 2 work for 
stdin, stdout and stderr correspondingly. It appears that these file descriptors are already predefined for some 
purpose: when I am trying to open files like this:

  // open initial file descriptors
  // stdin
  fd = open("/vc/vc0", O_RDONLY);
  LOG("stdin: fd=%d, errno=%d", fd, errno);
  // strout
  fd = open("/vc/vc0", O_WRONLY);
  LOG("stdout: fd=%d, errno=%d", fd, errno);
  // stderr
  fd = open("/vc/vc0", O_WRONLY);
  LOG("stderr: fd=%d, errno=%d", fd, errno);

-- like in term_con_test example for term_con server, the 3, 4, 5 descriptors are returned from open().

If I not use term_con at all, and not open vc0 three times as above, read(0, ....); and write(1,....); works but 
strangely. For example, read() returns immediately with no error and returns a single symbol (EOF, I think). But 
as I tested in Linux and OS/2 operating systems, when stdin is a console, read(0,...); must block until '\n' is 
returned (user pressed an Enter key).

So, it seems that the file descriptors 0, 1, 2 are reserved, but they are not working as expected. Maybe, my 
setup is incorrect or something is not yet implemented?

I have a menu.lst entry like this:

title The "Hello, world!" program
kernel $(A)/bootstrap -serial
modaddr 0x02000000
module $(B)/fiasco $(FIASCOARGS)
module $(B)/sigma0
module $(B)/roottask \
  task modname 'simple_file_server' attached 6 modules
module $(B)/log
module $(B)/names
module $(B)/dm_phys
module $(B)/l4io
module $(B)/rtc
module $(B)/l4con
module $(B)/simple_ts -t 300
module $(B)/name_server
module $(B)/term_con
module $(B)/simple_file_server -v 14
  module $(B)/os2/config.sys
  module $(B)/os2/mini33.exe
  module $(B)/os2/minicmd.exe
  module $(B)/os2/msg.dll
  module $(B)/os2/doscalls.dll
  module $(B)/os2/sub32.dll
module $(B)/fstab \
  -c /file \
  -c /file/system -v 14 -b / -m /file/system \
  -c /vc -v 132 -b / -m /vc
module $(B)/os2/os2server -d c: -m /file/system
vbeset $(VBE_MODE)

I needed to relink a term_con server to an address 0x01450000 instead of the default one of 0x01400000 
because the latter was the same as with simple_ts server (0x01400000 too). I was not able to use loader 
server to load at other address because I needed to launch two l4vfs servers, term_con and 
simple_file_server where simple_file_server serves all files through fprov_proxy file provider (I don't want to 
use an extra bmodfs server to serve files for loader -- it would be an ugly decision, I think).

The 'os2server' server uses the files that were served by simple_file_server and it tries to use l4vfs servers for 
reading from stdin.

My makefile looks like this:

PKGDIR		?= ../..
L4DIR		?= $(PKGDIR)/../..

TARGET		= os2server
# the default relocation address. This may be superseded by a STATIC file.
DEFAULT_RELOC	= 0x01800000

# list your .c files here
#  os2server.c
SRC_C		= main.c utility.c io.c MountReg.c globals.c native_dynlink.c l4_alloc_mem.c \
Shared/token.c \
Shared/modmgr.c \
Shared/ixfmgr.c \
Shared/ixfmgr_lx.c \
Shared/ixfmgr_lx_load.c \
Shared/ixfmgr_ne.c \
Shared/ixfmgr_lx_fixuplx.c \
Shared/ixfmgr_lx_loadobjlx.c \
Shared/ixfmgr_lx_modlx.c \
Shared/ixfmgr_lx_execlx.c \
Shared/ixfmgr_lx_debuglx.c \
Shared/memmgr.c \
Shared/api/apistub.c \
Shared/cfgparser.c \

#Shared/ow_dlfcn.c \

# if your server implements the server side of an idl defined in an idl-file
# of your package, list the idl file name(s) here (no path needed)
SERVERIDL	= os2server.idl

# list additional library paths and libraries here
LIBS		=  -los2server -lparsecmdline -lthread -lcon -lcontxt -lconstream-server
CFLAGS          = -I$(PKGDIR)/include
include $(L4DIR)/mk/prog.mk

Maybe some libs are interfere with l4vfs ones or something like this? I suspect the l4con server libs interfere 
with l4vfs libs. For example, l4con has its own getchar() implementation but in uCLibc this function is 
implemented through l4vfs backends. When I am trying to use getchar() or scanf() functions, I see that read() 
function is called behind the scenes, and it don't get blocked until Enter is pressed.

So, any help is appreciated.

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