loading "dpci" module from vancouver fails.

Udo A. Steinberg udo at hypervisor.org
Mon Aug 23 22:11:57 CEST 2010

On Mon, 23 Aug 2010 12:34:53 -0700 Shyamali Mukherjee (SM) wrote:

SM> 1. I can not have "hypervisor serial  dmar".. Can ONLY use "hypervisor
SM> dmar"  or "serial".

Please make sure all command line parameters are separated by spaces. Does it
work then?

SM> 2. I figured that it fails to load "dpci" module.
SM> I have looked at pcidirect.cc available under:
SM> nova-userland-0.2/vancouver/model/pcidirect.cc
SM> It says:
SM> "Example: Use 'dpci:2,,0,0x21' to attach the first network controller to
SM> 00:04.1.", Then from build_cd.sh I see "dcpi:2,0,0"
SM> But boot fails:
SM> Please see screenshot attached.

I didn't find any screenshot attached.

	- Udo
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