Debugging applications on Fiasco.OC. and questions about L4re

Pablo Montesinos montesinos.inbox at
Mon Aug 30 08:26:00 CEST 2010

(sorry if it's a duplicate, I sent the previous one from an account
outside the mailing list and I did not know whether it would go


I need to debug an application that I've ported to Fiasco.OC and I was
wondering what is the preferred way to do it. (The application works
fine in Linux, but there must be something wrong with the libraries I
ported). Jdb seems not very friendly if all you want to do is
debugging an application.

My second question is about L4re. So far, all the applications running
on my Fiasco.OC are console-based. However, I would like to run more
complex apps that might require a graphical environment. I noticed
that, with L4env, it was possible to have it. Is it possible to do it
with L4re? Any plans to add it in the near future. I would use Genode,
but I've been told at the Genode list that Fiasco.OC is not supported
by Genode. Is there an alternative to Genode on L4re?


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