Debugging applications on Fiasco.OC. and questions about L4re

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Wed Sep 1 00:48:07 CEST 2010

On Mon Aug 30, 2010 at 17:23:58 -0700, Pablo Montesinos wrote:
> > Graphics support is there, i.e. there are framebuffer abstractions,
> > windowing, input etc. You might want to look at the screenshot page to
> > get an idea.
> I saw the screenshot page before I emailed you. However, I thought it
> was outdated, and that they were part of L4env. Are the sources to
> supertux for fiasco available anywhere? What about the ned in
> interactive mode and the python shell example? Is the  source
> available?

ned needs to be compiled for interactive mode by changing the
corresponding line in pkg/ned/server/src/Makefile to add readline
support. python is also in the pkg dir. The actual graphics comes from
the fbterminal, i.e. one needs to connect input/output of the
interactive programs with the fbterminal. Supertux itself isn't in the
repo, but all the adaption parts are in libsdl, which is there.
Supertux itself is not modified at all.
Starting a terminal with a program in it could go like this, extending

function start_with_terminal(e, res, p)
  local c = {
              fb = mag_caps.svc:create(L4.Proto.Goos, res),
              term = l:new_channel():svr(),
  l:start({ caps = c }, "rom/fbterminal");
  e.log = c.term:m("ro");
  l:start(e, p);

start_with_terminal({}, "400x300", "rom/ned -i");

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