How to compile DDekit in l4re-snapshot-2010080920?

Björn Döbel doebel at
Mon Oct 25 16:58:56 CEST 2010


On 25.10.2010 09:46, 方明伟 wrote:
> Hi :
>   Everyone! I am a new one to use fiasco.OC.
>   Now, I am compiling L4Linux for X86 and arm. But I didn't know how to
> configure the DDekit.
>  In "l4/pkg/dde/Makefile", three senteces are being commented.
>  "# $(VERBOSE)PWD=$(PWD)/linux26/include         $(MAKE) -C linux26/include
>  # $(VERBOSE)PWD=$(PWD)/linux26/contrib/include $(MAKE) -C
> linux26/contrib/include"
> "# $(VERBOSE)PWD=$(PWD)/linux26/lib             $(MAKE) -C linux26/lib"
>   Does that mean I can't use the DDekit now?
>   So I wondered can DDekit be used in L4Re?
>   If yes, how can I configure and compile the dde in /l4/pkg?

What exactly would you like to configure? Just compile L4Re the normal
way and DDE as well as DDEKit will be compiled and are available for use.

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