Information about buildingl4re

Maxime Lastera mlastera at
Tue Nov 2 17:16:00 CET 2010


I want to test L4linux on top of L4/fisco

I follow the building page of Fiasco, for this one all be done without 

So I start to follow the instructions to build L4re.
I use the default configuration file.
The results of the command "make O=path/to/builddir" failed because of 
an undefined reference to _stack_chk_fail_local.

After some research I understand this "undefined reference" is add by 
gcc which is in version 4.4.4 on my fedora 13 OS.

One soultion is to add CFLAGS= -fno-stack-protector in gcc command but I 
don't find gcc command in Makefile...!

Do you have a solution ?

Thanks in advance.

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  Phd Student
  Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance group
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