Building L4linux

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Thu Nov 4 22:50:42 CET 2010


On Thu Nov 04, 2010 at 11:32:20 +0100, Maxime Lastera wrote:
> The result of make in l4linux directory is :
> Getting required compilation flags failed.
> L4OBJ: /home/Maxx/Downloads/l4re/src/l4/mybuild
> L4_REQUIRED_MODS: stdlibs log l4re_c-util libio shmc rtc
> /home/Maxx/Downloads/l4linux/arch/l4/Makefile:287: *** Aborting..  Stop.
> I understand these packages are not found, but when I check manually
> they are in L4tree directory, more precisely in
> l4re/src/l4/mybuild/pkg

Did a 'make' in /home/Maxx/Downloads/l4re/src/l4/mybuild come to a
successful end? Are there files like
/home/Maxx/Downloads/l4re/src/l4/mybuild/pc/stdlibs.pc etc?

Adam                 adam at

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