Building L4linux

Maxime Lastera mlastera at
Tue Nov 9 14:41:20 CET 2010


I try without success to create .elf file with the command 'make image 

I have the following message :

Building entry "l4linux"
Unknown entry "l4linux"! at 
/home/Maxx/Downloads/l4re-snapshot/src/l4/tool/lib/L4/ line 168

the modules.list file contains
	entry l4linux x86
		modaddr 0x002000000
		kernel fiasco -serial_esc
		roottask moe rom/l4lx.cfg
		module l4re
		module ned
		module l4lx.cfg
		module vmlinuz

I think the moduless.list file isn't in the good directory but I try 
l4re directory and l4linux without success neither.

Any ideas ?

  Maxime LASTERA
  Phd Student
  Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance group
  7 av Colonel Roche
  31077 Toulouse
  E-mail: mlastera at
  Phone : +33561336979

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