compile error svn rev 27 on x86

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Thu Nov 25 22:24:20 CET 2010

WHA-HEY! success on x86 build and test "hello".  okay, now for something
completely different: ever since i heard about it i always wanted to get
l4linux up-and-running, i even mentioned it on LKML and it resulted in one
of the larger flame-fests... *sigh* they were highly critical of OSKit, i
_did_ mention that the l4linux team had done significant work on OSKit but
they simply weren't interested in listening, it was more important that they
prove themselves right and prove l4linux worthless... never mind...

anyway: let's give it a shot.  so, here's what i want to do:

* first get x86 qemu running, but then move to an ARM-qemu'd l4linux. 
regarding this: i've found and but no advice on what to do! 
yes i see the grub2iso "hello" example, but... err... err? :)  so, am i just
being spectacularly thick, here?  replace ... nope, i'm not mentally getting
it.  help!  and how do i then use / enable l4con (add it to modules.list?
help!) so that the l4linux kernel will use it?

* find out how to develop apps; port directfb to l4re.  (directfb 1.5 has an
abstraction layer, now, so this should be a bit easier).

* investigate (... don't freak out too much... :) porting webkit to l4re
(using directfb). apparently uclibc is supported, so i don't see it being
particularly monstrously hard.  the reason for considering this is that i've
just had some success getting WebkitDFB up-and-running and the startup time
on an embedded 400mhz ARM926 is QUICK.  like, 1 second startup "quick".  i
figured therefore that it would be worthwhile to investigate cutting out
even the linux kernel, and have a literally "switch the box on, it's
running" web browser.  i feel it's worth doing.

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