Web browser on L4 (Re: errors getting python up-and-running)

Norman Feske norman.feske at genode-labs.com
Sat Nov 27 21:55:46 CET 2010


>  ahh... i found the source code:
> https://genode.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/genode/trunk/
>  ah hell.  qt4.  that's a 170mb download, isn't it?  over svn, it's
>  more than that.  yukkk!  i'm using 3G dialup (expensive).

except for some bits (such as libc), we do not store contrib code in the
SVN. So don't be afraid to check it out. In some subdirectories (which
we call repositories - more on that in  'doc/getting_started.txt'), in
particular 'qt4', 'libports', and 'ports', you will find a 'Makefile',
which downloads and prepares 3rd-party source codes.

>  ... can i ask you a massive favour?  could you do a patch for me
>  (a diff -Naur probably) against "vanilla" qtwebkit so i can see what
>  you've done?  basically i'll need to port that to webkit-directfb,
>  i _really_ don't like qt4webkit after discovering it ate 200mb on an ARM926
>  system and took 30 seconds and above to start up...

Please have a closer look at the 'qt4' subdirectory. I think, it is
exactly what you describe, several patches plus the custom glue code to
adapt qt4 to our userland.

>  if you were using git, and had cloned the standard nokia qt4 git
>  repository, i would simply be able to point the local copy i have of
>  that at your one, and git would grab me _only_ the objects needed.
>  but... you're not :)  that's a subtle hint, btw: svn is reallly serrriously
>  conceptually out-of-date...

We use the SVN merely for distributing the code. It is updated every
three months when a new Genode release arrives. In between, only small
fixes are committed.

>  also, could i ask you: were any modifications made to dependent
>  libraries you used, in libports?  as part of the embedded work i've
>  already downloaded tons of libraries, in particular the dependencies
>  already for webkit-dfb: it would be neat just to be
>  able to use those tarballs.

It's the same concept as for our 'qt4' port. Downloading and patching
the 3rd-party sources is done by the Makefile in the 'libports'
repository. For the versions of the individual packages, please have a
look at the respective Makefile snippets 'libports/ports/'.

Good luck


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