Several questions

Nuno Santos nuno.santos at
Thu Dec 9 13:39:03 CET 2010


I've managed to build and run Fiasco with one instance of L4Linux. At 
this point I have several questions:

- I believe that an application running in l4linux can communicate with 
an application sitting on fiasco. Is there a simple example I could look at?

- As a follow up, how can we allow multiple l4linux instances to 
communicate using IPC? This post from 2005 [1] has done precisely what I 
need. Would it be possible to share that code?

- I'd like to use and deploy a tpm driver directly on top of L4 (not 
directly accessible to l4linux). Is it possible to obtain that driver? 
How to set it up? This post [2] mentions the stpm package, but I 
couldn't find it in the l4re snapshot.

- Is it possible to plug a TPM emulator to work directly on fiasco? It's 
mostly for experimentation and testing on machines without a physical TPM.

- I believe that it's possible to boot fiasco with a trusted bootloader. 
[2] mentions oslo, but again I couldn't find the code in the snapshot. 
Do you know where can I find it? Do you know if trusted grub can be used 
as a viable alternative?

I've looked extensively for online information, but I confess I'm a bit 
overwhelmed. Your guidance here would be fantastic. I really appreciate 
your help.



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