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On Thu Dec 09, 2010 at 13:39:03 +0100, Nuno Santos wrote:
> I've managed to build and run Fiasco with one instance of L4Linux.
> At this point I have several questions:
> - I believe that an application running in l4linux can communicate
> with an application sitting on fiasco. Is there a simple example I
> could look at?

Yes, this is usually possible, it's just that this part is currently
somewhat in flux. This shall change soon.

> - As a follow up, how can we allow multiple l4linux instances to
> communicate using IPC? This post from 2005 [1] has done precisely
> what I need. Would it be possible to share that code?

Currently there are two network drivers in L4Linux that allow that. One
is connecting to the network server/switch Ankh, the other is directly
connecting two L4Linux's via shared memory. That's the most obvious way
doing it. Other ways are possible of course.
What would you communicate between the Linuxes?
> - I'd like to use and deploy a tpm driver directly on top of L4 (not
> directly accessible to l4linux). Is it possible to obtain that
> driver? How to set it up? This post [2] mentions the stpm package,
> but I couldn't find it in the l4re snapshot.

That was for the old system. We have a new driver in the pipe. Stay

> - Is it possible to plug a TPM emulator to work directly on fiasco?
> It's mostly for experimentation and testing on machines without a
> physical TPM.

Guess yes but depends on the emulator, esp what it requires to run.

> - I believe that it's possible to boot fiasco with a trusted
> bootloader. [2] mentions oslo, but again I couldn't find the code in
> the snapshot. Do you know where can I find it? Do you know if
> trusted grub can be used as a viable alternative?

The OSLO website:

Any Grub version should also work.

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