Explanation of ARM TrustZone Support?

Wesley Miaw wesley at wesman.net
Wed Jan 12 00:17:06 CET 2011


I was wondering if someone could point me at documentation, or describe in
a reply, how L4 Fiasco + L4Re makes use of the ARM TrustZone hardware? I
see that support for TrustZone is listed listed as one of the features of
Fiasco, but haven't been able to figure out exactly what that means.

If built for an ARM chip with TrustZone support, does L4 automatically set
up a TrustZone execution environment for each L4 server? Or do I need to
tell it somewhere to put each server into its own environment? Are the
hardware calls automatically made when switching between servers? How does
use of TrustZone influence message passing between servers?

I'm afraid all I've found in the source appears to be some code in the
hardware porting layer that is a relative mystery to me.

Wesley Miaw
wesley at wesman.net

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