Explanation of ARM TrustZone Support?

Wesley Miaw wesley at wesman.net
Thu Jan 13 02:22:52 CET 2011

Thanks, Michael and Torsten, for the links.

I think this clarifies for me how TrustZone is used. I was thinking the
two L4 servers were the used, one in secure world and one in non-secure
world. But looking at these papers and the vm-tz sample code referenced in
the TUDOS paper my understanding now is that all the L4 servers run in
secure world and the call to l4_vm_run launches Linux in the non-secure
world from one of the L4 servers (the VMM in your paper, Torsten).

I was also thinking that L4Linux was run as the non-secure Linux via
TrustZone but that was incorrect. L4Linux is for a paravirtualized
security split while something like TZ-Linux is used for a full
virtualized security split, with L4 as the "Hypervisor". Has TZ-Linux and
its associated work been publicly released?

Thank you,
Wesley Miaw
wesley at wesman.net

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