Explanation of ARM TrustZone Support?

Torsten Frenzel frenzel at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Thu Jan 13 09:21:22 CET 2011

Wesley Miaw(wesley at wesman.net)@2011.01.12 17:22:52 -0800:
> I was also thinking that L4Linux was run as the non-secure Linux via
> TrustZone but that was incorrect. L4Linux is for a paravirtualized
> security split while something like TZ-Linux is used for a full
> virtualized security split, with L4 as the "Hypervisor". Has TZ-Linux and
> its associated work been publicly released?
No. Its just a prove of concept. However there exists a snapshot that
should build and run out of the box on a recent Realview/PBX board.
With the upcoming virtualization extensions for ARM this approach is more
or less obsolete.


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