Explanation of ARM TrustZone Support?

Wesley Miaw wesley at wesman.net
Fri Jan 14 03:12:33 CET 2011

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> Wesley Miaw(wesley at wesman.net)@2011.01.12 17:22:52 -0800:
>> I was also thinking that L4Linux was run as the non-secure Linux via
>> TrustZone but that was incorrect. L4Linux is for a paravirtualized
>> security split while something like TZ-Linux is used for a full
>> virtualized security split, with L4 as the "Hypervisor". Has TZ- 
>> Linux and
>> its associated work been publicly released?
> No. Its just a prove of concept. However there exists a snapshot that
> should build and run out of the box on a recent Realview/PBX board.
> With the upcoming virtualization extensions for ARM this approach is  
> more
> or less obsolete.

I'd be interested in taking a look at this snapshot if you are willing  
to share it. I'm doing some investigation work into how to put  
together an execution environment like your proof of concept.

Wesley Miaw
wesley at wesman.net

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