[L4 on realview Cortex A9] Failing on board check during fiasco bootup

Adam Lackorzynski adam at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Mon Feb 14 16:35:00 CET 2011


On Mon Feb 14, 2011 at 17:46:34 +0530, Naveen Chandrakar wrote:
> I've tried running realview-eb against L4 kernel built for arm926EJ and it
> runs smoothly without any glitches :)
> I was trying to run L4 for the smp variant (esp cortex a9 to be precise).
> As per the qemu documentation
> "realview-eb" - doesn't support support cortex a9, the one which i needed
> was with smp more than 1 (2 or 4)
> { Eg: novino at naveen-linux:~/L4/l4re-core-2011020417/src/l4/mybuild-realview-eb-a9/images$
> qemu-system-arm -M realview-eb -cpu cortex-a9 -kernel bootstrap_hello.elf -m
> 256 -nographic -net nic -net user -smp 4
> Number of SMP cpus requested (4), exceeds max cpus supported by machine
> `realview-eb' (1)
> }
> However when i try to run any variant of L4 built for cortex a9 i'm getting
> stuck at the time of execution.

I looked a bit closer to that now and I'm afraid to tell that running MP
on Qemu requires some extra coding work in Qemu itself. The first thing
is secondary-cpu bootup for non-linux systems which I could fix. But then
I see that cp15-c7 is completely not implemented which is required for
VA-PA translations. That's how far I looked into it for now...

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