Fiasco-oc l4linux

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Fri Feb 18 11:43:42 CET 2011


On Thu Feb 17, 2011 at 15:56:25 -0800, David Leimbach wrote:
> Using the latest snapshot, and kind of lost on how to get l4linux to actually build.  I did get python running with mag in vmware however, so I've got a little experience.
> Just not sure what the right way to do this is.  My obj/l4linux directory is empty.
> Any thoughts what I should try?
> I used "make setup". Then "make" which died for some reason.  So i went  into obj/l4.../pkg and did "make all".  The top level make now completes.

Please call 'make' in obj/l4 and not only in 'pkg', as this does not
build everything, esp. additional things needed for L4Linux.

'make setup' should actually but subdirs in obj/l4linux and .config's in
those. Did you choose 64bit only?

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