Can L4 modules be accessed as files from L4Linux?

Dan Haim hdan at
Sun Mar 6 17:45:49 CET 2011

I'm trying to find a solution to the following scenario - I want to have an
L4Linux instance running (from a CD) where the root filesystem is several
hundred MB's big, so it is not feasible to run it from a ramdisk (the
filesystem is larger than the amount of RAM available) - I need to run it
directly from the CD.
A possible solution I'm thinkning about is to give the L4Linux instance
access to the CD-ROM drive, then store a SquashFS image as a file on the
drive and UnionFS it with a tmpfs when the system starts.
Now here's the catch - While this solution may technically work, it is still
not 'good enough' because I can't give the L4Linux instance direct access to
the CD-ROM drive - I need to have it completely isolated so a user working
on the L4Linux instance will not have access to any files stored on the CD
(other than the SquashFS image) even if he/she has root access over the
L4Linux instance.
I was thinking - is it possible to specify the SquashFS image as an L4
module and then somehow mount it from within L4Linux in-place (i.e. without
completely loading it to RAM)? Is there any other way to accomplish what's
needed in this scenario?
Thank you all,
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