Genode OS framework and kernel-specific features

Valery V. Sedletski _valerius at
Wed Mar 9 11:16:51 CET 2011

On Tue, 08 Mar 2011 11:09:13 +0100, Sebastian Sumpf wrote:

>Please make sure to install DirectFB with fbcon support (I disabled X as

I have DirectFB 1.0.1 installed; in the /usr/lib/directfb-1.0-0/systems I have libdirectfb_fbdev.[a,so]
and libdirectfb_x11.[a,so] libraries. So, I think, in directfb, both X11 and fbdev are supported. (need I to disable X11?)
Maybe, you meant fbdev support, not fbcon? So, it seems that both x11 and fbdev enabled in my libdirectfb. Need I SDL support
in directfb? I tried co compile it myself, but when I enable SDL support, it won't compile, because it
don't like SDL_Surface declaration in SDL_video.h. (no idea, why -- maybe some undefined types? -- for example, in
SDL_Surface declaration in my SDL/SDL_video.h I have private structure members, like struct private_hwdata *hwdata, and this 
struct has undefined type. I tried to change struct private_hwdata * to void * but no effect) I finally decided to leave the DirectFB 
version I have supplied with my Debian Lenny.

> also install/compile libsdl with DirectFB support.

SDL and DirectFB must support each other or only DirectFB support in SDL is needed? How can I
determine is some option enabled or not? I have both sdl_config and directfb_config scripts, can they
answer this question?

> Take care of the permissions of /dev/fb0. Test this setup with some Linux SDL
>application to see if it works.

I tried qemu, it works (both text-mode apps and graphic ones work, at least VGA mode OS/2 logo works
in a VM), but keyboard works strangely (at least, arrow keys -- Down arrow acts like Enter, for example).
So, SDL seems to work (but I have no idea, in which app I can test both SDL and DirectFB)

>After that please apply the attached patch to Genode and see if it works
>for you.

Yes, I added 'case PT_NOTE:' choice in a switch statement in base/src/base/elf/, and recompiled, then
it no more complains about incorrect program header/section.


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