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Samsung R&D, San Jose - CA, is recruiting full-time researchers in the area
of Operating Systems (OS) for future cyber-physical systems.  We are looking
for individuals with a passion for systems research and the desire to follow
through from concept to pre-transition prototype.


Position: Full-time Researcher for the Systems Research Group



The Systems Research Group is developing new OS and software platform
designs that can meet the needs of future computing platforms based on
multicore, manycore and cloud technologies.  We are currently developing a
solution based on L4 microkernel technology that will readily scale from
sensors-to-servers, whilst providing advanced support for transparent
distributed processing, Quality-of-Service (QoS) guarantees for co-located
real-time and best-effort applications, and the "first-class" integration of
parallel programming technologies.


We are looking for highly motivated and creative individuals to join the San
Jose research team and to augment existing system research expertise. This
is an excellent opportunity to join a new team advancing state-of-the-art
software technologies for Samsung's current and future business.


Duties and Responsibilities:  

.         Research and develop micro-kernel based solutions for next
generation products.

.         Research and develop innovative technologies to directly address
scalability limitations of existing solutions.

.         Research and develop ideas around the single-system image concept.

.         Research and develop new ideas in OS-level and language-level
support for heterogeneous processor platforms.

.         Develop ideas around the support of fine-grained resource
management and QoS monitoring, policing and adaptation in the context of
real-time cyber-physical applications.

.         Build proof-of-concept prototypes.

.         Write research papers and technical articles publishing work and
results in top-tier conferences and journals.


Necessary Skills/Attributes:

.         Ph.D. in Computer Science or related area with 0-5 years of
practical experience.

.         A track record in OS research pertaining to the above areas of
interest with high-quality publications in the field.

.         Hands-on experience with low-level systems prototyping and
development - a true hacker at heart.

.         Proficiency with C/C++ and Linux-based development including
multi-threaded programming.

.         Excellent communication and team working skills are required with
a willingness to work with an international team to deliver an integrated

.         A willingness to learn new things and take on new challenges.


Desirable Skills/Attributes:

.         Experience with L4 or other similar microkernel technology (e.g.,
QNX, Integrity)

.         Experience with embedded systems development.

.         Experience building OS sub-systems such as memory managers, and
task schedulers.

.         Experience with the use of machine-learning to drive system

.         Experience with distributed and parallel computing.

.         Experience developing on TILE processors and programming with TILE

.         Experience developing on ARM processors and programming with ARM



Please send resumes and enquiries to Dr. Daniel Waddington
(d.waddington at


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