IPC performance comparison of Fiasco.OC and Pistachio

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On 03/10/2011 07:52 PM, Jaeyeon Kang wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a question about IPC performance of Fiasco.OC and Pistachio. When
> I compared the performance for a pingpong benchmark, Pistachio provides
> better performance than Fiasco.OC (about 1.5 times faster). Is there
> anyone who can explain the reasons that Fiasco.OC’s IPC is slower
> compared to Pistachio?

Fiasco is a real-time implementation of the L4 API.

Compared to the vanilla, general-purpose L4:Pistachio, Fiasco has to 
manage carefully the priorities of tasks which interact through IPC in 
order to keep the real-time scheduling algorithms working properly.

> Thanks,
> Jaeyeon

To get the full story with all the details, you should read some papers
about Fiasco and L4, which you can find listed here:


You may be also interested in some papers about the real-time properties
of general-purpose L4 microkernels. I wrote few of them a while ago; my
most recent one is:


It contains a discussion of some real-time issues found in Pistachio
(and their solutions), and a list of further references you can refer to.

I hope this answers your question.




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