Fiasco.OC on amd64 Opteron 6000

Alexander Warg alexander.warg at
Wed Mar 16 12:16:53 CET 2011

On Fri, 2011-03-11 at 15:46 -0800, Daniel Waddington wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to run Fiasco.OC amd64 build on an Opteron 6100 magny-cours 
> series (4-way-SMP, 12-cores-per-chip).  When it boots it is as if the 
> scheduling interrupt on the local APIC is not getting set up correctly.  
> It also warns about some errata.  It does boot with MP disabled, and RTC 
> for the scheduling - not much use on a 48-core machine though ;-)

after some investigation it seems to be a problem in our ACPI code,
so you could try the attached patch for the fiasco kernel. If it does
not work, it should at least give some more verbose output at boot,
something like:

ACPI: RSDP[0xfbed0]     r02 OEM:ACPIAM
ACPI: XSDT[0x20090100]  r01 OEM:080610 OEMTID:XSDT2014
ACPI: RSDT[0x20090000]  r01 OEM:080610 OEMTID:RSDT2014
ACPI: FACP[0x20090290]  r03 OEM:080610 OEMTID:FACP2014
ACPI: APIC[0x20090390]  r01 OEM:080610 OEMTID:APIC2014
ACPI: MCFG[0x20090420]  r01 OEM:080610 OEMTID:OEMMCFG.
ACPI: OEMB[0x200a8040]  r01 OEM:080610 OEMTID:OEMB2014
ACPI: SRAT[0x2009f8b0]  r01 OEM:AMD... OEMTID:FAM.F.10
ACPI: HPET[0x2009f9c0]  r01 OEM:080610 OEMTID:OEMHPET.
ACPI: IVRS[0x2009fa00]  r01 OEM:AMD... OEMTID:RD890S..

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