Help on write first client-server on Fiasco

Wenhao Xu xuwenhao2008 at
Wed Mar 23 10:00:17 CET 2011

Hi guys,
   I am new to both microkernel and fiasco. All I read were some microkenel
paper in the operating system course. After reading introduction to FIasco,
I am very insterested in it.
   I have just compiled and run the hello demo in the Fiasco web page. Now I
cannot wait to write my own client-server. I have never written an operating
system before. Can you help me or give me some guide on how to write my
first client-server in Fiasco?
  And are there window manager implementation or file system implementation
for Fiasco? If not, I am also very interested in write one for Fiasco.

   Thanks very much for the help.


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