Help on write first client-server on Fiasco

Björn Döbel doebel at
Wed Mar 23 10:40:24 CET 2011

Hi Wenhao,

>    I am new to both microkernel and fiasco. All I read were some microkenel
> paper in the operating system course. After reading introduction to FIasco,
> I am very insterested in it.
>    I have just compiled and run the hello demo in the Fiasco web page. Now I
> cannot wait to write my own client-server. I have never written an operating
> system before. Can you help me or give me some guide on how to write my
> first client-server in Fiasco?

There is an example distributed with L4Re. It can be found in
l4/pkg/examples/clntsrv (you might need to update this from SVN) This
example should teach you how to write a server and a client, as well as
how to start both using the Ned Lua interpreter.

>   And are there window manager implementation or file system implementation
> for Fiasco? If not, I am also very interested in write one for Fiasco.

There is a GUI server called Mag in l4/pkg/mag. To start it, you'll also
need the IO server and some more stuff. You can find example configs for
running it in l4/conf/x86-fb.* -- I suggest you first get yourself up to
speed with some smaller examples such as the client-server part, though.

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