how i can determine utcb loaction in order to make thread

Jason Philip mored1759 at
Sat Apr 2 00:30:55 CEST 2011

Hello Norman,
I am new to l4ka and I do not know much about the debugger
I try a few random option (q,t,s,p).
'q' give this:


cpu 0: accounted tcb ROOTTASK, max_prio 255

    [255]: (SIGMA0) ROOTTASK
    [100]: (000cc001)
    [000]: KRN_THRD)

't' give this:

tcb/tid/name [current]: current
*** TCB: c0019000 *** ID: 000c8001 = bf000100/f014c000=== prio 255======
UIP: 00400011  queues: Rswl      wait : NIL_THRD:NIL_THRD  space: f014e000
USP: 00405040  tstate: RUNNING   ready: ROOTTASK:ROOTTASK  pdir : 0014b000
KSP: e0019790  sndhd : NIL_THRD  send : NIL_THRD:NIL_THRD  pager: SIGMA0
total quant:           0us, ts length  :          10000us, curr ts     8282us
abs timeout:     1018954us, rel timeout:     -       215us
sens prio: 255, delay: max=0us, curr=0us
resources: 00000000 []   flags: 00000000 [ts]
partner: 000cc001, saved partner: NIL_THRD, saved state: ABORTED , scheduler: 

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