Ethernet on Beagleboard xM with Ankh+L4Linux ?

Julien Heyman bidsomail at
Thu Apr 21 11:59:53 CEST 2011


I am trying to understand what it would take to have access to (physical)
ethernet from L4Linux running on a Beagleboard xM.
As far as I understood/read, I can either try to integrate the native
ethernet driver in L4Linux, or rely on Ankh networking server.
Since I am running two instances of L4Linux, I'd rather use the Ankh

>From what I see Ankh does not currently include an appropriate driver for
the BB xM's ethernet chip.
Is it doable to pick an existing ethernet driver for the BB xM from, say,
the Angström linux distribution for Beagleboard, and integrate it to Ankh ?

Assuming this is possible, do I understand correctly that I would then only
have to enable the Ankh driver option in the L4Linux configuration, to get
an ethernet access in L4Linux ?

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