information on interrupt thread convention

Jason Phillips mored1759 at
Mon May 2 22:40:57 CEST 2011

ok so far i have code like this:

void IRH(void)
printf("the interrupt occur\n");

int main ()
L4_ThreadId_t handler_thread, IRQ_thread, mylocal, me;
L4_Word_t root_utcb, new_utcb, sp, ip, root_threadNo;
void* kip;
char stack[1024];
L4_Msg_t msg;

kip = L4_kernelInterface();
me = L4_MyGlobalId();
mylocal = L4_MyLocalId();
root_threadNo = L4_ThreadNo(me);
root_utcb = *(L4_Word_t*)&mylocal;
root_utcb &= ~(L4_UtcbAreaSize(kip)-1);
new_utcb = root_utcb + (L4_UtcbSize(kip) * ((root_threadNo+1) -      

handler_thread = L4_GlobalId(root_threadNo+1, 1);
IRQ_thread = L4_GlobalId(1,1);

ip = (L4_Word_t)IRH;
sp = (L4_Word_t)&stack[1025];

L4_ThreadControl(handler_thread, me, me, me, (void*) new_utcb);

L4_Append(&msg, ip);
L4_Append(&msg, sp);

L4_AssociateInterrupt(IRQ_thread, handler_thread);


return 0;

the intent is when i press a key on keyboard the interrupt is suppose to occur
but text "the interrupt occur" do not display. I run tests so I know the threads 
working (interrupt and handler). but this does not work. Why is this so?

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