information on interrupt thread convention

Jason Phillips mored1759 at
Sat May 7 02:47:34 CEST 2011

this code give:

#include <l4/kip.h>
#include <l4/thread.h>
#include <l4/schedule.h>
#include <l4/ipc.h>
#include <l4io.h>
#include <l4/sigma0.h>

L4_ThreadId_t INT_THREAD;

void IRH1(void)
		L4_Msg_t msg;
		printf("the interrupt is raise\n");
		L4_Send(INT_THREAD, L4_TimePeriod(2000000));
		printf("result:   [%d]\n", (int)L4_ErrorCode());

int main()
	L4_Word_t sp, ip, utcb_b, utcb_n;
	L4_ThreadId_t me, h1, mylocal;
	void* kip;
	char stack[1024];
	L4_Msg_t msg;
	kip = L4_KernelInterface();
	me = L4_MyGlobalId();
	mylocal = L4_MyLocalId();
	h1 = L4_GlobalId(L4_ThreadNo(me)+1, 2);
	utcb_b = *(L4_Word_t*)&mylocal;
	utcb_b &= ~(L4_UtcbAreaSize(kip) -1);
	utcb_n = utcb_b + (L4_UtcbSize(kip) * (L4_ThreadNo(h1) - 
	sp = (L4_Word_t)&stack[1025];
	ip = (L4_Word_t)IRH1;
	INT_THREAD = L4_GlobalId(1,1);
	L4_ThreadControl(h1, me, me, me, (void*)utcb_n);
	L4_Append(&msg, ip);
	L4_Append(&msg, sp);
	L4_Send(h1, L4_TimePeriod(3000000));
	printf("error code    [%d]\n", (int)L4_ErrorCode());
		L4_Wait(L4_TimePeriod(3000000), &INT_THREAD);
	return 0;

give me a endless loop where a error code of 1 arise first then it loop
endless with a error code of 2, this happen when keyboard is not press. 
Just to be clear by error code i mean the 'e' field of register.
And if use 'sleep' instead wait it do not work when keyboard is press.
as well how do i know if the interrupt is calling thread? I try if 
statement to compare the label to -1 but it it is not a legal compare
because label is unsigned. how do i know?

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