Genode OS Framework 11.05 released

Stefan Kalkowski stefan.kalkowski at
Thu May 26 22:56:04 CEST 2011

Dear L4 hackers,

we are pleased to announce the release of version 11.05 of the Genode OS
Framework. Genode is an OS architecture that promises to align high
security and robustness with dynamic application workloads. It is laid
out to run on a number of different microkernels and Linux.

After bringing Genode on top of Fiasco.OC with the last release, the new
version comprises a lot of new features, and refinements with respect to
Fiasco.OC, in particular:

 * Shared libraries
 * Signalling framework
 * ARM RealView PBX-A9 support
 * x86 64-bit support

Moreover, we enabled L4Linux to run on top of Genode. Beside these
functionality improvements, we discovered a way to seamlessly integrate
Fiasco.OC's and L4Linux build process into Genode's build system.
Thereby we drastically simplified the process of developing for

Alongside the improved support of the Fiasco.OC kernel, the new release
implies a bunch of new features, and improvements, like:

 * New API for type-safe inter-process communication
 * New experimental GDB support
 * Device-I/O support for MicroBlaze platform
 * ARM RealView PBX device drivers for input, display, network, and
 * New ready-to-use scripts for easy test-driving of various Genode
   features such as Qt4, lwIP, Noux, L4Linux, GDB

Please find a more elaborative description of the changes accompanied
with a lot of background information in the release notes of version 11.05:

The new version is ready for download at our download page at
Sourceforge and our public SVN repository:


Stefan Kalkowski
Genode Labs ·

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