kmem_alloc: out of kernel memory

David Silcott lava_patch at
Sat May 28 22:53:48 CEST 2011


I've synced my local copy of Pistachio against the latest available and now all of my builds are reporting an out of memory error when I try to run any application, even pingpong or memtest

KickStart 0.13.06
Detected multiboot compliant loader
 kernel    (0x00824000-0x0090ad41)   => 0x001ef4d0
  (0x00824000-0x0083f388) -> 0x00100000-0x0011b388
  (0x00840000-0x00840028) -> 0x0011c000-0x0011c028
  (0x00841000-0x0084a376) -> 0x0011d000-0x00126376
  (0x0084b000-0x008ef0c0) -> 0x00127000-0x001cb0c0
  (0x008f0000-0x008f4338) -> 0x001ec000-0x001f0338
 sigma0    (0x0090b000-0x0092eb24)   => 0x00020000
  (0x0090c000-0x00915524) -> 0x00020000-0x00029524
 roottask  (0x0092f000-0x0093d424)   => 0x00400000
  (0x00930000-0x00935044) -> 0x00400000-0x00405044
Launching kernel ...

L4Ka::Pistachio - built on May 28 2011 21:39:10 by david at andesite using gcc version 3.3.6
--- "KD# kmem_alloc: out of kernel memory" ---
--------------------------------- (eip=f010909c, esp=00000000) ---

A query of the memory statistics reveals the following:

/stats> kmem
Kernel memory statistics:
  Chunk size  = 1024 bytes
  Free chunks = 2 (2KB)

  Consecutive   Number of
  chunks        matches
        1            2
        2            1
        4            0
        8            0
       16            0
       32            0
       64            0
      128            0
      256            0
      512            0
     1024+           0

  Max consecutive chunks: 2

 I get the same results even if I explicitly pass  memory values to kickstart:    maxmem=1G  kmem=128M 

I have tried several versions of GCC with 3.3.6 being the last but all have reported some form of 'out of memory' error and the error occurs both on qemu and on a physical machine.

The processor and memory spcecs of my machine are:

CPU: Intel Core 2 duo
Memory: 4G

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong? I didn't have this problem before updated pistachio 

I have attached a copy of my config.out file.

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