bbclone fbdrv lcd problem

Vasily Sartakov sartakov at
Thu Jun 23 08:39:23 CEST 2011

> On Wed Jun 22, 2011 at 12:54:50 +0400, Vasily Sartakov wrote:
>> I try to start ex_fb_spectrum example on beagleboard clone with 7"
>> 480x800 LCD and have error in fbdrv//lcd-omap3.c:
>> when a i call any l4vbus_i2c* and l4vbus_gpio function i have return
>> -38 --- ENOSYS error
>> whats may be wrong?
> The problem is that 'io' does not currently implement any of the i2c and
> gpio functionality. There was some experiment some longer time ago from
> which that code is from.
> For the beagleboard the LCD is configured by u-boot and can then just be
> used. Isn't that approach possible with your board?
yep, that's the reason why i dint see any think help full for i2c in io.
my uboot don't configure LCD, but i added some some scripts for i2c's
led power up:
imw 0x4a 0xee 0; imw 0x49 0x9e 0x80

and some dss initialisation in LCD driver, so, now i have worked
display.  and i have some noises on screen, but i think i will fix it.

Sartakov A. Vasily

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