Nokia N900 and Fiasco.OC/l4re

Rahul Ramasubramanian ramasubramanian.rahul at
Wed Jun 29 07:58:11 CEST 2011

i think the baord configs are either in the l4re or l4linux build..most
probably in the l4re build.


2011/6/29 Valery V. Sedletski <_valerius at>

> On Wed, 29 Jun 2011 01:00:20 -0400, Rahul Ramasubramanian wrote:
> >Hi
> >AFAIK, L4linux+Fiasco+ L4RE curently only supports 3-4 platforms.
> PB11mpcore
> >is one of them, you can find the rest in the build configuration of the
> >carious components.
> >But I am sure that it can be tweaked to support the platform you mention ,
> >because generic arm v5 support exists.
> >I may be wrong, so please verify with others before you proceed.
> >Rahul
> >
> It seems, I found what I need in Fiasco configuration: ARM Realview
> emulation baseboard, ARM Cortex A8 CPU,
> but don't see PB11mpcore in the list (maybe, the rest of supported boards
> are in configs, but not present in the configurator?)
> WBR,
> valery
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